11402802_484164781747578_5050138690921150848_nThe National Squib, the famously seaworthy day keelboat designed in 1967 by Oliver Lee, and instantly recognisable by its rust red coloured sails, is one of the most active day keelboat classes of the UK and Ireland, with a strong south shore Belfast Lough fleet at the Royal North of Ireland YC, Cultra.

Until the arrival of the first Access Dinghies (now renamed the Hansa 303 Class), the first five years of sailing at Belfast Lough Sailablity, happened aboard the Squibs, Boxmore and Chesapeake – generously donated by RYA Northern Ireland.

Cheasapeake received a cosmetic refit spring 2015. She is joined by our other squib, Pied Piper, on long term loan from a generous BLS member.

On 27 June 2015, Cheasapeake was donated on long term loan to Foyle Sailability during the Carrickfergus stop-over of the Sailability Round Ireland Cruise.

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